where the light comes in*

Lorna at her family lands – land of the Cailleach and the Corryvrecan


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Lorna McTavish Coulson- Celtic Drum maker and Pipe Carrier, Adopted Metis.
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Qualifying in social work 1983 Lorna had already gained considerable experience in work with a variety of groups. With hands on work in care, running a Learning Disabilities unit in 1984 and developing new models in play schemes in late 1980s, she moved onto Dementia and Older Persons NHS work in 1991. Expanding into all areas of NHS mental health in 2003 she continued to develop inspirational therapy practice till 2023. Now she has "retired from the NHS" the world is her oyster.

Having been adopted as family and Metis by her First Nations sister Sandy, Lorna has learned to make and work with drums and is a Elder songweaver.

Sandy has taught Lorna to connect more with her own ancestral heritage. Having seen the affect Colonisation had on First Nations "Canadian" people, who have lost so much, Lorna has a deeper valuing of her own Argyll culture and legends. This has led to the work with The Cailleach and to try to learn the Gaelic.
This website is about the resultant work - a unique blending of these experiences...

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* "Where the light comes in" is a song gifted to Lorna, in ceremony, on a Vision Quest with Sandy and the Elders.