What We Do

I love my heartbeat ...

I don't know about you but I love my heartbeat.. when I've done some exercise and it's beating quickly I know that it's good for me.. when I'm relaxed and still and it slows down with me, I feel at peace.. But in my work I noticed that there were people who, for a while, don't want to celebrate their heartbeats or who are too unwell to or who have forgotten to do so or forgotten how to do so. My sweet drums help us remember who we are... and to Celebrate that.


Drums lovely drums...

Drum making workshops

Tis our greatest desire that everybody in the world has a personal drum.. To this end we try to keep our Drum making price as fair as we can. Prices range from £150 pounds to for a small goat drum. If you organise a group you will get a group discount. We have a variety of hoops and hide and the hide and hoop you choose will vary the cost.

We have been taught our craft in Canada

This was a rattle making lesson in Canada with Sandy our teacher in 2011. Sandy has been here since to teach rattles and drums.

We can come to you!

This was a drum making on a community land project to honour the land keepers who have saved a piece of Devon. We are privileged to be able to work there at Ramsham Farm Tavistock. If your group is big enough, and with good planning, we can travel to run workshops.

Personal and couple drum making.

Sometimes it feels right to have a personal drum making ceremony. We work with one or two people if there is a desire for real focus.. This was a personal drum in memory of a loved one. We have a held a few of these as we can put our grief into the drum and have the joy of the drum helping us to go forward honouring our loved one.

Stunning horse drum SOLD

Horse drum SOLD

Make your own

Drums for sale to good homes samples...

Left:- Horse drum 18" x 14"Scots horse bespoke hoop £250. Middle:- Goat drum woven lacing, ink decorated. Bespoke 15" hoop £200. Right:- Large goat drum hide lacing £195.

Drums for sale to good homes... from £50 for simple 10" goatskin...

Workshop drum and feedback.

This drum Lorna... The energy is simply an honour. Thank you for your teaching and support.